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star of death edible were popularized by comedian and podcast host Joey Diaz. Hit the market with extremely high levels of THC not previously seen in the edible landscape. While edibles are already distinct from traditional smoking, these gummy treats broke new ground as one of the most potent THC-based products available.

While edibles were once an unregulated aspect of the cannabis industry, with states like California allowing almost any strength of edible to be sold, this has recently changed to cap the maximum amount of THC per package of edibles.

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The Stars of Death edibles also known as joey Diaz stars of death used to be available in packages containing up to 1000 mg of THC, with black market products gaining extreme potency and popularity among the cannabis community. This has been reduced to 100 mg in California, with a 10 mg cap per “serving.”

Initially released by companies such as Anarchy or Starr 1, the Death Star Edible has since been released by a variety of different producers.

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Hardcore cannabis users are always on the lookout for the next best and most potent products, but with strict regulation, it can be difficult to find any that meet the needs of a regular user. Death Star Edible, for example, is not yet available in Canada.

For an infrequent user of marijuana products, 10 milligrams may be the ideal dose; however, for anyone else, the idea of being limited to such a small dose may make it difficult to envision using the Red Star of death edible as a healthier substitute for alcohol or pharmaceutical medications. To put 10mg of THC into context, the average joint contains approximately 5mg of THC. That means that in Canada, every legal edible will be equivalent to smoking two average cannabis joints.

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Edibles vs Smoking

There are many differences between smoking and eating, or ingesting cannabinoids. The appeal of cannabis infused edibles may lie behind the unlimited, tastier options compared to traditional smoking. It is arguable that edibles are a far healthier alternative to smoking cannabis, due to the negative health effects associated with smoke inhalation. Edibles are absorbed through the digestive system and may take anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours to fully kick in, compared to the almost instantaneous absorption of cannabinoids through the bloodstream when smoking. The effects associated with ingesting cannabis are drastically different and longer lasting compared to the effects of smoking cannabis. Edibles are associated with a body-focused, sedating couch-lock type of high.


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